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What We Do

UTVS, Inc. provides treatment by conducting an initial assessment to determine challenges and pinpoint the exact services needed.

Initial Assessment of Perpetrator

  • $50 ($65 for rescheduling/cancellation)

  • 1 hour

  • Determine areas of risk (safety)


Secondary Informational Meeting with affected partner

1 hour alone with affected partner (if they desire to be involved)


Determine intervention recommendations & other service coordination, as needed


Domestic Violence Intervention Education

  • $125 due at time of initial assessment. This fee covers the cost of Intake Assessment, Academic Handbook, and Orientation Session.

  • $25 per session: Due at check-in for each weekly meeting

  • Number of classes: Orientation + 19 Weekly Group Sessions

    • ​2-hour sessions, once a week

    • Focuses on the use of power and control to perpetuate domestic violence

    • Highlights the perpetrator’s responsibility to recognize and end physically violent, abusive, and controlling behaviors to reduce reoccurrence of offenses

Support Group

Our unique approach to domestic violence perpetrator treatment includes:

  • Assessing for risk factors of lethality

  • Providing Domestic Violence Intervention Education

  • Sending weekly progress reports to referring partners


Satisfactory program completion is based upon:

  • Attendance,

  • Participation, and

  • Current fee status

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