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We are here for you Until the Violence Stops!

Until the Violence Stops, Inc. 

UTVS, Inc. aims to encourage accountability, empowerment, and victim safety by providing domestic violence and anger management services to individuals referred from several sources including courts, mental health professionals, friends, family, advocates, and self-referrals.


We’re Here For You

UTVS, Inc. was founded in December 2006 as a nonprofit organization to:

• Provide a quality, in-depth intervention program designed to educate regarding domestic
violence perpetration and impact, as well as its root causes, effects, and consequences

• Teach domestic violence perpetrators skills to change their behavior

• Offer public service

• Assist in improving social welfare

• Reduce the percentage of incidents and reoccurrence of offenses

• Help clients rebuild their lives through non-violent means

As of November 2019 UTVS, Inc has been granted 501©3 status with the Internal Revenue Service.


What Is UTVS, Inc.?

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“Never forget that walking away from something unhealthy is brave even if you stumble a little on your way out the door.”


Next Steps

Upon referral, UTVS will conduct an initial assessment to determine challenges and pinpoint exact services needed. Assessments cover a wide range of topics that may affect the client including
family, medical, and substance use/abuse histories; as well as past and current relationships. 

Important Information


  • Contact us via email or phone to schedule a consultation

  • Initial assessment will take approximately a full one-hour session

  • $50 assessment fee/$25 per session

  • $65 cancellation fee charged for initial assessment no call/no shows and cancellations under 24 hours

  • Participants more than 15-minutes late will be marked absent for the session and may jeopardize timely program completion


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